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By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you also agree to additional Terms of Use, including the Terms of Use of each service and changes that are an integral part of these Terms of Use. Register and Login Account You can access and use the Bintang Kecil Application and Services if you already have a Bintang Kecil account.

The requirements for registering and logging in to an account will refer to the conditions set out in the Terms of Use for the Bintang Kecil Application. Content, Information and Promotions We work closely with children's songwriters as well as educational providers who are professionals in their fields (collaborating with third parties).

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You agree to use all information and services in accordance with the terms, conditions, and purposes of the service offering. You will not abuse, duplicate, cash out, transfer, use for commercial purposes or take unfair advantage of Information/services from Bintang Kecil in any form. even. Your Responsibilities You are solely responsible for the decisions you make to use Bintang Kecil Applications, Services, Content or Payment Methods. You must treat Service Providers, Content Providers, Offer Providers and Payment Method Providers with respect and will not engage in unauthorized, threatening or harassing behavior while using the Services, Content, Offers or Payment Methods.